Donnerstag, 31. August 2017

Opal Moon

The Witches Hut...

 Everything a witch heart needs...

 ...salt lamps, incense sticks and mystic sculptures...

...herbs and candles in all colours of the rainbow...


Dienstag, 27. September 2016

EpicCon 2016: J-Cult visits Frankfurt

Away match for the quills! Last week we got a joyful Message. We're invited to report on-site about EpicCon 2016, a brand new Japan fair in Frankfurt. Anyways, the fair's programme already promises to be a December highlight for every manga, fantasy and j-fan...

EpicCon 2016

Frankfurt Messe, Halle 3
60311 Frankfurt am Main

event frame: 9th to 11th of December 2016
opening hours: daily from 10 am  to 6 p

Mittwoch, 31. August 2016

What a nice Mediterranean Garden

Just found a beautiful though rural gardening concept in Croatia. Think it's got a huge potential! :)

Novigrad, Zadar

Sonntag, 3. Juli 2016

Blanket Flower

You remind me of the yellow-red fox.
Wild, energized and blessed by the sun
with the colours of fire.
Like a parrot you spread your flaming wings
over green fields and fresh meadows,
showing the world arts of summer.

Summer... You're gone soon.
But your colours will last until autumn.
'Tis your gift to all,
who keep your sunlight deep within,
though round them it is cold and dark.

Like a phoenix they all shall rise again in spring
with just a blanket flower in their hands to sing.

 © Brynn Danu

Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014

The Wanderer's Notice: female territory

Amazon by Isa-Wyrd

A forest as wide as the country's stated,
in which once an empire was located
that unifyed villages, provinces, even towns
beneath its silent root patch grounds.

Not to mean harm by calling its folks natures giving.
It fits pretty fine for their rural style of wild living.
Steadily someone was striding through wood.
And it seemed that they were all doing for good.
Sometimes travelling to Rayan far up north,
homeland of dragons and dragonworth.
Rocky steep faces the reptiles possessed -

Indeed, wayfarer, you were wrongly addressed,
if you were a stranger in the forest.
Cause then you'd have just to face the sorest.
By Rayans volcanos you‘d have been caught,
by Rayans valkyries you‘d have been sought.
God, I don't want to think of their man-hating ancestors,
and their queen was more than rude to strange conquestors.
Therefore many a wanderers, if harsh invaded,
could have lightly and slightly got market-traded.
Comodity lived well in Rayan, sincerely.
In this case, the queen's rule was very clearly.
She'd say:

"If a man questions the womens' laws,
forever from grace the unlucky falls.
Up north, 'tis the matriarchy's good old heir.
So go down south to Nemesava if north you fear!"

Well, trading really was still pragmatic there
as Nem's traders only interest was for rare.
Fine artifacs and seldom forged blades,
long lost books and unique hand-mades.

Surrounded by forest most of Nem's provinces
were a haven to birds like owls, larks and finches
Nem's villages were all covered by fine spiral fences.
Out of pure wood they cultivated whole halls and prized benches.
Writers, navigators and the merchants
all enjoyed the leavy curtains,
which ran down from above the paths.
And even Rayan's queen loved the straths,
which flew down south next to her realm.
Nem's matron the did often whealm
with compliments and cherished kisses,
telling her how much she misses
Nem's quiet, inspiring atmosphere.

Together they often went to the eastern shore
To perch and sing songs so full of lore
that if heard by wanderers who were guest
wrote down Tales of forests in the middle west...

© Brynn Danu